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The 3 C's of Team Building

In startups, it's all about the team. Ideas change, business models change and even roles can change, but the hope is that you can build a core team that is lasting. From the first step of finding a good co-founder to adding key members to your early team, it's a good idea to have a framework for what you're looking for.  What I look for are the 3 C's: Chemistry, Competence and Customer Focus.

8 Common Mistakes in the Co-Founder Search

You can't throw a stone in the startup community without hitting a blog post, tweet, or discussion around co-founders.  While I think there's a great deal of good advice out there on the search for a co-founder on places like Venture Hacks, Humbled MBA and OnStartups, it's as important to understand the potholes to avoid.  Just like a pothole will disable an otherwise great car, these mistakes will derail your company...and your cofounder search.

5 Reasons You Need a CoFounder

We all know how hard it is to find a cofounder (especially if you're looking for a technical one).  So what if you think you might be able to go it alone? Maybe you have the technical skills to get your idea off the ground or are willing to bite the bullet and pay someone to build your idea.   It may seem like a great idea, and in some cases may work out, but I'd like to caution against not having a co-founder.  Here's why:

Dan Pickett: Find Your Founder: Five Romantic Tips From a New Technical Cofounder

Finding someone to start a venture with you is tough business. Being a newlywed and finding many similarities between this and getting married, I always tend to associate seeking a cofounder with dating. So, I've assembled five tips for you that should help set the mood.

Why Startup Weekend is the Best Kind of Founder's Dating

The structure of standard entrepreneurial networking events where you're quickly pitching your idea may not be the best way to find a co-founder; when you're trying to find a business partner, there are many elements that have to come together for it work and many question you need to try to answer.  The amazing part about Startup Weekend is that many of those pieces can come together in just one weekend thanks to the event's unique structure.

Greenhorn Guide for Finding a Co-Founder

 Got a great startup idea, but lack the team to execute?  Having trouble finding that infamous co-founder? You're not alone. Many people struggle with this, which is why we've gotten insight from all kinds of entrepreneurs in the Boston scene to help share their insights on how to find that perfect co-founder:


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