You are who you surround yourself with. Who surrounds your startup?

Much has been said and written on the topic that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with (there's over 20 million results on that Google search!?!).  When thinking about startups, that lesson must not be forgotten and may explain why some startups stall and fail.  Sometimes, getting caught up in all the startup noise you may forget this, so I'd like to explore this concept. 

Why You Should Publicly Share Your Big Goals

Identifying and taking on big challenges is at the heart of entrepreneurship.  A mixture of creativity and execution allows an entrepreneur to accomplish their lofty goals; brute force alone will not work. 

Getting started on the right foot is the most important step.  Here’s one tip I’ve found to be extremely helpful: be very public about your plans to tackle your daunting challenge. 

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