Jeanine Michealsen: 7 Keys Principles to Jump Start Wellness in Your Company

Today wellness is evolving rapidly and playing a key role to enrich a stronger corporate culture.  There are new research findings every month that support the premise that wellness and disease management have a long-term impact on health care costs.  When starting a company be sure to include a wellness strategy from the beginning to set the stage for keeping your health care costs down.  It is easier to have it in operation than it is to start one once you get your compan

Apollo Sinkevicius: Tips from the trenches: 6 ways to maintain your health as an entrepreneur

As a business operations practitioner, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve the way people function. There are tons of best practices and methodologies out there, but we tend to ignore the easiest one – being healthy.  In the world of startups, we especially love to “borrow” heavily against our health. We fail to realize that our health is like a “loan shark”. Getting a “loan” from it is easy, but the repayment is hell. I have done this in the past and learned from my own mistakes.

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