Boston Holiday Tech Co-Party

Stoddard's Fine Ales and Foods 48 Temple Place Boston, MA 02111


You Co-Work, Why Not Co-Party? 

You're favorite holiday office co-party is back! Last year we had over 250 people across 30 start-ups. This year we're expecting 300+ at our new venue Stoddards in Downtown Crossing. Register today!

What's Boston Holiday Tech Co-Party?
Its an office holiday party for tech start-ups too small to have their own. 

Who's Invited?
Boston area start-ups smaller than 20 people. Spouses and significant others are invited and encouraged to attend. Friends of the start-up community are also invited to attend. 

What to Expect:

  • Full Open Bar - craft beers and prohibition style drinks from Stoddards
  • Fine Food - heavy, heavy, heavy apps
  • Awkward Santa - he's back and sweatier than ever.
  • Onsite Photos - powered by Pretty Instant 
  • Networking? Nah, just have fun!