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MIT Sloan 50 Memorial Drive Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142 United States

BPMA Monthly Meeting

Open Source Innovation - MIT Sloan Alumni Partner Event

With Dr. Eric von Hippel

Currently, companies develop products for customers, but new research, based on three worldwide multi-decade surveys, shows that this paradigm is flawed - customers are generating massive amount of product innovation and consider themselves a major source of innovation. In the UK, customers spend more on innovation - in the billions! - than companies themselves. These customers-turned-innovators have become a source of totally new products and product improvement for both B2B and B2C services, while tools for design and prototype construction are getting more accessible to "garage shops."

So who are these customer-innovators? What and where are they spending? What is causing them to innovate? What are their demographics? And, most importantly, how can they be incentivized to share?


In this BPMA and MIT Sloan joint-event, speaker Eric von Hippel will address these questions and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • What businesses should do to build on customer innovation
  • How to attract customer activity and identify the most promising innovations
  • How we can accelerate the process of innovation
  • What the benefits are that companies can expect from such efforts