How to Hire (For New Ventures and Startups)

GA Boston 101 Main Street, 14th floor Cambridge , MA 02142

When looking at the factors affecting an organization’s success, few are as important as the team leading it. And as damaging and costly as a bad hire can be at an established organization, in a new venture it can be lethal. How can a founder avoid these dangers and build a good team?

Whether they're making their first hire or their 50th, this class will provide founders with useful tips and guidelines for each stage of the hiring process, including deciding whether or not to hire, finding talent, interviewing candidates, and onboarding new employees.


  • How to decide whether you need to make a hire and what type (full/part-time; contract; remote).

  • Create a structured hiring process that grants efficient and high-quality recruiting.

  • Interview do’s and don’ts, including important legal considerations.

  • Best practices for on-boarding and retaining new hires.


No pre-requisites, just a desire to learn about hiring smarter.