Class - Productivity Hacks: Crush It!

Location: Campus 500 Harrison Ave Boston, MA 02118

Every day, people become continually overwhelmed by the growing pile stuff on their plate. No matter how fast they try to get things done, there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Well, the days aren't getting any longer, but lucky for you, productivity is a skill that can be learned, so it's time you took a second (okay, a 90-minute session) and actually learned how to be productive.  

In this class session, you'll learn how to organize all of the "stuff you have to do" by aligning tasks with your life vision, create a customized productivity suite, and manage your body (yes, your body) for maxiumum performance.

What You'll Learn:  

  • Straight-up productivity hacks (for slaying emails like dragons, crushing task lists like toothpicks, etc)
  • The best technology tools for true productivity hacking
  • Biohacks for productivity (nutrition plans, exercise routines, cold showers, illegal drugs, etc)

Ben Rubin organizes his life around his quest to ‘become awesome.’  He is constantly hacking everything from exercise to spirituality.  He has a ton to learn and is truly humbled by the achievements of human intelligence. Ben co-founded Revv, whose vision is to create a platform that empowers world-class producers (authors, coaches, scientists, etc) with well-designed technology (devices, apps, etc.) to help people make change happen (think: eat healthier, meditate, simplify, set goals, etc.)... and, in doing so, teach people how to reliably transform any aspect of their lives. Previous work for Ben includes c-founding Zeo, a sleep management company that builds hardware and software to help consumer measure and manage their sleep. Early days include an education as an engineer at Brown (‘05.)  Ben has a sustained passion for mountains and travel!