- Everyone Sells: Sales Training for Non-Sales People (and Sales People Too!)

500 Harrison Ave. Floor 3R Boston, MA 02118

Instructor: Clive Whitaker 

Whether or not you know it, you are always selling. Even if you're not in a sales role at your company, you're continually selling yourself, your organization, and yes, occasionally your products or services. For individuals that aren't naturally born salespeople, you can be taught how to sell yourself or your idea without sounding (or feeling) like a pushy salesperson.

This interactive class will give you the skills you need be more effective at and comfortable with sales. Through a series of exercises, you'll be challenged to think about the reasons that people buy from you, common objections that customers have and strategies you can use to lead your customers instead of push them. You'll be encouraged to break away from typical sales methodologies and develop your own personal sales technique that a) feels comfortable to you and b) can be adapted to nearly any situation.  

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