[Lean Startup Circle] Lean Branding: Connecting with your Audience on a Human Level

Microsoft New England Research & Development Center (NERD) One Memorial Drive Suite 100 Cambridge, MA

Great brands are great because they connect with us on a human level. They speak to US.People are more engaged with a product when there's a person associated with it.

Lean Branding is a way to start a strong dialogue with your audience and begin to build trusted relationship at low risk, with high rewards. Jodi will show you how, by:

  • Deeply understanding your audience by engaging with them on a personal level
  • Following the bread trails to find the media who are most likely to write about you
  • Responding to opportunities & incidents that affect your audience

Jodi-Tatiana Charles is founder and CEO of The Embargo List, an alternative PR firm that bridges the gap between high impact/high growth entrepreneurs, industry specific experts and reputable media outlets. Jodi gained wide recognition in the startup community for her expertise in achieving national and global attention for MassChallenge and its 362 finalist from its inception in 2010 thru 2013.http://www.embargo-list.com/