Usability Speed Dating with Steve Krug!

Microsoft NERD New England Research & Development Center One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

Usability is a measure of the quality of a person’s experience when interacting with content or services. If you're designing and building websites and web applications, then you need to care about Usability. These days, Usability and User Experience are very crucial to success, and can mean the difference between making it or breaking it. I've seen so many sites that fail, only because they did not focus on Usability.

If you’re still not sure what a usability test is, then watch this Demo Usability Test.

How it will work:

We will test 10 member sites for usability. The sites to be tested will be coordinated in advance. There are three roles defined for this event:

Site Owner: The owner of the site being tested. The site owner will facilitate the tests of their site.
Test Participant: The person sitting at the computer and testing a site; the user.
Observer: The person who is watching the usability test.

Attendees will act as either a Test Participant and/or Test Observer for these sites. Each Site Owner will have their own station for testing, with a laptop and chairs. Attendees will cycle through each test station for 10-15 minutes and may evaluate and partake in as many tests as possible. At the end of the evening, we will hold a debriefing of a few sites, highlighting what usability issues were found.

This will be a fun-filled and invaluable experience for those wanting to learn more about usability and testing. Steve Krug will join us, and we will provide "High Quality Snacks" for all testers and participants.