Web Start Women - JavaScript & jQuery

$95 (covers all 4 classes)
Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142
Anytime something changes when you are viewing a website, you've just seen JavaScript in action. When you:
  • are on Facebook and a notification pops up that you have a new comment
  • are filling out a form and a flag indicates that you made an error
  • hover over a movie at Netflix and the description pops up
  • see something animate, grow, shrink, fade in or out

That's JavaScript doin' its thing. JavaScript is the key to making your website dynamic and responsive. Using it effectively will help you manage input and respond to your users.

This course will give you a good working understanding of JavaScript and how to manipulate the page. We'll start with the basics and progress towards jQuery - a JavaScript library that will make your pages go whizz, bang, boom. (In a good way, of course).

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Web Start Women is an organization devoted to bringing more women into the web design and development fields. We believe that there are too few women producing awesome content online and we aim to change the ratio by cultivating open, supportive, intimidation-free environments where women and girls of all ages can learn, build, and code together.