Web Start Women - UX/UI 101: Understanding How People Use Your Website

Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142
So, you've taken some coding classes and you're ready to create your website. Or maybe you already have, but you're feeling like it's time for an overhaul. You have a message or product that you want to share with the world and you want to make sure that you're converting site visitors to users/members/customers/supporters/you-get-the-idea. You're excited and ready to go!
Not so fast, fancy fingers. Before you spend hours designing and coding, you should invest a few in doing a bit of research. Specifically, usability research. What's that? Oh, usability is the process in which you make products and systems easier (and more enjoyable) to use. It's how you match the steps involved in what you're offering your users to your users' needs and requirements (e.g., find the product they want, add it to the cart, checkout). If you have a favorite website or app that you find super-intuitive and just a pleasure to use, thank the UX team that worked hard to design it.
Join us for this interactive session with UX specialist, Ligmie Preval. Ligmie will explain the fundamentals of usability and outline how to define your goals and match them with usability methods to enhance user experience. We'll wrap up with Q & A. You'll walk away with a better understanding of UX and some quick and useful ways to improve the usability of your website.
Web Start Women is an organization devoted to bringing more women into the web design and development fields. We believe that there are too few women producing awesome content online and we aim to change the ratio by cultivating open, supportive, intimidation-free environments where women and girls of all ages can learn, build, and code together.