Web Start Women - Wrangling HTML

$50 (covers both classes)
Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142
This two-class series gives you a solid foundation in website building. First, we get you set up with the (free) software you’ll need. Then we dig right into HTML, learning about tags and putting together pages. With that behind us, we talk about some of the finer points of HTML and cover the nuts and bolts of getting your work online.
This course is the perfect precursor to our CSS Basics class (starting August 8th) and a prerequisite for almost every other class we teach.
Web Start Women is an organization devoted to bringing more women into the web design and development fields. We believe that there are too few women producing awesome content online and we aim to change the ratio by cultivating open, supportive, intimidation-free environments where women and girls of all ages can learn, build, and code together.