Announcing: TechPicnic -- August 18th, 2010 -- Who Doesn't Love Picnics!!!


It’s mid-August, and who among us has been to enough picnics this summer? The kind with cupcakes? And what if the Boston/Cambridge tech community took over a small park for a flashmob-style picnic of our own?


That’s the sophisticated, high-level thinking behind TechPicnic, taking place for the first and perhaps only time on Wednesday, August 18th.


To make it excellent, you'll bring the food. The picnic blanket. The FUN games. And through your wizard-like command of social media, the awesome guests!!!!



Because who doesnt love picnics? And you get to meet all the tech-loving people in Boston. (And yes, cleantechies and biotechies, that includes you, too.)


Anyone who loves to talk Tech or simply come out and enjoy the last days of summer!


Come to Charles Park in Cambridge any time between 5:30pm and 8:00pm on Wednesday, August 18th.


(If it turns out to be rainy that evening, we’ll shift to August 25th. Check the @bostechpicnic Twitter feed for weather-related updates.)


Charles Park is a five-minute walk from Kendall Square or the Lechmere T stop, and also pretty easy to get to by walking over the Longfellow Bridge from Boston


Bring fried chicken, cupcakes, potato salad, a bocce set, your guitar, Twister, a kite, football, or anything else that strikes you as picnick-y. (Don’t bring any alcoholic beverages, though.) The park is pretty small, so trying to get together a game of ultimate Frisbee may be unwise


If you want to pick up food nearby, you might consider Boca Grande, Aceituna Café, the Cheesecake Factory, or any of the restaurants in the Cambridgeside Galleria Food Court. 


Go ahead and blanket-hop to meet others at TechPicnic, or invite others to join you in whatever game you’re trying to get together. (Bakugan, anyone?)


Use the hash tag #techpicnic to spread the word that you’re going in advance of the event… and afterward to share photos or other stuff.