Ultra Light Startups: Boston

General Information
Boston, MA

The cost of launching a tech venture is continually falling, due to a large number of interrelated technical, social, and financial factors - proliferation of powerful open source tools and development platforms; availability of outsourcing and a global market for tech talent; an explosion of cost-effective online marketing tools and techniques etc.


There are many recent examples of startups that successfully capitalize on these factors to reach profitability and multi-million dollar valuations in a very short period of time with minimal capital investment. On the other hand, many entrepreneurs spend a great deal of time and money on ventures that never produce a return. The quicker and cheaper an entrepreneur can launch a project, the quicker he can test it in the marketplace and the quicker he can determine whether it is worth further investment, or whether to move on to the next project.


Ultra Light Startups is a group of entrepreneurs who explore these perpetually evolving factors and refine techniques to launch technology ventures - minimizing cost and time associated with testing ideas in the marketplace.