Boston Beta :: Ask Founders Anything with Paul English

$15 for dinner + drinks

Modeled after YCombinator's exclusive founder dinners, Ask Founders Anything (#afa) is a quarterly series that provides 40 up-and-coming founders with a rare opportunity to engage with proven technology entrepreneurs in an intimate, cellphone-free, off-the-record setting.

Instead of a fixed agenda, #afa lets attendees ask guest speakers whatever's on their mind. The event is designed to help active entrepreneurs connect with each other while learning from some of the finest leaders in the field. Dinner, drinks, and a social hour are included. 

A limited number of tickets may still be available: apply (here!) to attend.  

Speaker: Paul English
Paul English is the CTO and Co-founder of KAYAK, where he leads product strategy and design, customer support and recruiting. Paul is a zealot for great customer service - ask him why he bought the loudest red phone for his desk. 

Paul is a director at the non-profit global health organizatinos Partners in Health and Village Health Works. He is also a Director of the public safety company ELERTS (run by his brother Ed English) and the photo discovery sercice Pixable in New York.

Paul has worked previously at Intuit, Interleaf, Intermute (you can see where this is going), as well as coding secret stuff for the US Air Force, and also medical device software for blood centrifuge machines.

#afa is produced by Beta Ltd., in partnership with the Venture Cafe.