Boston Entrepreneurship Speaker Series: Jay Batson, Co-founder of Acquia

Bocoup Loft 355 Congress St Boston, MA 02210

This talk will focus on recognizing when it's time to decide whether to hold or fold. Jay has founded four tech companies, and encountered hold/fold moments in all of them. This situation arises in all kinds of ways - hold/fold a customer sales opportunity, hold/fold your role in the company, or hold/fold the company itself. Jay doesn't claim to have gotten them all right - but he's learned from all of the hold/fold moments. Come learn what he's learned from those moments. 

Jay is currently the Co-founder of Acquia. Acquia is the second technology company Jay has founded, and is also his second commercial open-source effort (the previous having been Pingtel, acquired by Nortel). Jay's passion is to build great companies that build products that make users happy. So at Acquia, he searches out new products and service opportunities the company can offer its customers to make Drupal more valuable to those who use it.