Designing Revenue: Strategic UX/UI Design (Startup Edition)

Workbar, 711 Atlantic Ave, lower level Boston MA 02111


Learn how strategic UX/UI design can encourage user engagement, deepen loyalty, and drive revenues, as Richard Banfield, CEO & Co Founder of Fresh Tilled Soil, presents a lean version of the Fresh Tilled Soil Labs workshop, Designing Revenue; the conversation on design will cater to startups, focusing on realistic goals and approaches to UX/UI for bootstrapped businesses.

Attendees will leave with key takeaways that you can apply directly to your existing company's web/mobile design, without dipping into your wallet. Richard will take you from concept to launch, showing you how a consistent & strategic user experience can influence user behavior, build brand loyalty, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

During this one hour presentation, Richard places a special focus on the unique challenges & limitations that startups face when it comes to UI design and business.  He'll be doling out expert advice in an accessable format, for free -- ticket cost covers food and beer, both of which there will be healthy servings of during the evening!