Agile for Startups

Location: Campus 500 Harrison Ave Boston, MA 02118

What You'll Learn: You've got your BIG VISION of how you're going to change the world. You've got your business model for how you're going to turn it into a successful business. You've started to build it out. But... now you've got some questions:


  • How do you deliver value at a regular cadence when everything around you is in flux?
  • How do you ensure that you're delivering the right things to move you towards a successful business?
  • How do you instill the discipline you need to do these things consistently while keeping the flexibility that you need as a startup?

In this class, I'll share practices from agile methodologies, lean software development & the lean startup methodology that are having the most impact - with the least amount of overhead (!) - at early stage startups.


Three Key Takeaways

1. How to use a kanban board to visually track & manage the work you’re doing

2. How to use scrum meetings to collaborate and ensure that you’re continually delivering value

3. How to use hypothesis-driven development to validate & prioritize the features you’re developing


Abby Fichtner (@HackerChick) produces The Hacker Chick Blog, co-organizes Boston's Lean Startup Circle, and is Microsoft's Evangelist for Startups, where she has the most awesome job of helping startups as they build out the next generation of software.

Abby's own background has been split between banging out code at startups and coaching teams on how to improve how they develop software through lean & agile techniques.

Abby has given workshops on Agile and Lean Startups for MITTechStars, and has presented on a number of agile topics - including how Lean Startup is pushing Agile development to the next level at the Agile 20XX conferences