Usability Testing Techniques for Web Applications

Location: Campus 500 Harrison Ave Boston, MA 02118

From Fortune 50 companies to start-ups, a constant question is, "How will we know people will get (or click...or see...or like) this?" The answer...usability testing!

Usability testing doesn't have to be a scary and expensive solution. During this class, Joe will discuss various types of usability testing techniques, including when, how, and why the different solutions make sense (and have worked in creating award-winning experiences).

Key Takeaways

  • How testing can save time and money
  • What type of testing is right for your project
  • Inexpensive usability testing tools and techniques


Joe Ayotte is the Creative Director for BzzAgent, where he owns design, usability, and user satisfaction.  His mantra: "design for the user's goals, and the business objectives will be met"  has guided him for the past 15 years of his professional career.  He has led the design and usability teams at The Metropolitan Museum of Art,, Sapient, and Studiocom, delivering  award winning designs for clients like CVS/Caremark, McCormick & Company, and Dunkin’ Donuts.

Joe is passionate about creating good experiences, and he knows that useable shouldn’t be confused with functional.  If a feature doesn't "work" for the user, it really doesn't "work" at all.