Mastering the VC Game: How to Raise Your First Round of Capital with Jeff Bussgang

Harvard Innovation Lab 125 Western Avenue Main Classroom Boston, MA

You've been working on a big idea and need financing to get it going: but how do you go about raising your first round of funding? What's the difference between angel, seed, and VC investors? How do you go about valuing your company and deciding on equity?

In this class, students will learn more about the startup financing landscape, how to find investors, how to pitch them, how to understand term sheets, and other tips for raising a first round of financing.
The class format will have a short lecture followed by Q&A from the audience. Pizza & drinks will be served after!
*Note: The first 20 students that register for this class will receive a copy of my book, "Mastering the VC Game"
All proceeds for this class will go towards supporting HackHarvard, a winter incubator program for helping students launch their first startups.