Top Five Secrets to Starting a Company on a Budget with Michael Sattler

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Tuesdays at Startup BLVD Allston presents

Top Five Secrets to Starting a Company on a Budget with Michael Sattler

Michael Sattler joins Tuesdays at Startup BLVD Allston to speak about the tech secrets to starting a company on a budget. After almost 20 years bringing companies from concept to $100 million valuations, Sattler shares his tech secrets on how to start your business without drying up your funds.

Complimentary hors d'oeuvres and drinks will be served throughout the event


    Developing Your Web Presence Extending your web presence beyond your website

    Social Media Planning and strategizing around your content calendar

    Navigating SEO Understanding Where your customers are going to get your services

    The Secret to Free Tools Using cheap and free tools to look like the big guys!

    Maximizing Your Marketing Dollars Leveraging your marketing dollars with online tools

Michael Sattler has been starting companies for seventeen years: he founded two companies in the late 90s, spent a decade helping grow another one into the $100 million range, and then went back and founded several more. As a technologist with an MBA, he spent almost a decade as a senior manager for one of the world's largest website hosting companies, helping more than a million small businesses create and manage their technical resources. Sattler's current company Opus Two specializes in helping startups design and launch web-based products. He attended Princeton University and lives with his family in Belmont.

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