Web Start Women - CSS: Styles & Layouts

$95 (covers all 4 classes in the series)
Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142

In this four class series you'll learn CSS, HTML's other half and the way to style web sites. We'll start with the basics of declaration-value pairs, move on to position-specific properties, and then focus on layout techniques.

With CSS, practice is key, so along the way, we'll work through lots of exercises and examples that demonstrate the different techniques.
This course is the natural follow-up to our Wrangling HTML class, which begins July 24th (if you already have some HTML experience that course is not required). You should be familiar with working in a code editor, understand the basic structure of an HTML page (i.e., <head>, <body>), and be comfortable using tags.
Web Start Women is an organization devoted to bringing more women into the web design and development fields. We believe that there are too few women producing awesome content online and we aim to change the ratio by cultivating open, supportive, intimidation-free environments where women and girls of all ages can learn, build, and code together.