Intelligent Office - Dedicated Space

General Information
265 Franklin Street 17th Floor Boston, MA 02110
We offer dedicated and flexible office solutions to our clients! All offices are brand new, with views of Boston Harbor and the financial district!

Coalition Boston

General Information
101 Arch St Ste 1950 Boston, MA 02110
We are a community coworking space in the heart of Boston, and one of the only in Downtown Crossing.
Private Office: $950+, Dedicated Coworking: $450+, Open Coworking: $295, Freestyle: $175, Virtual Office: $99

The Food Loft

General Information
535 Albany Street
The Food Loft, which recently launched in the South End, has office space available for food entrepreneurs to meet, network, and forge innovative food initiatives.

Greenhorn Weekly Countdown April 21- 28


Be Proud for Boston with Greenhorn Connect

The events of the past week have definitely shown us how incredible Boston really is. There's nothing that can get in the way of us flourishing as long as we stick together. Fortunately, Boston has 38 startup networking events and office hours where you can meet up with your generous neighbors.

P.S. If you haven't already donated the TUGG Boston Marathon Fundraiser is still open. Please share and give here:



StartupLab Allston

General Information
20 Linden St Allston, MA 02134
StartupLab Allston is a membership based founders’ community which focuses on working with entrepreneurs at any stage, in any market segment positioned for growth.
$99+ per month depending on package

Greenhorn Weekly Countdown April 7- 14


Finish First Place with Greenhorn Connect

Everyone involved in an early stage company is running their own marathon. If and how you cross the finish line depends on your work and the people you surround yourself with. Fortunately,  Boston has 39 startup networking events and office hours to help you meet your goals and succeed. 

Greenhorn Weekly Countdown April 7- 14


Be your Best with Greenhorn Connect

Every week comes with new challenges you and your team must overcome. Fortunately, Boston has 28 startup networking events and office hours to help you connect with the best of Boston to find the solutions.

Greenhorn Weekly Countdown March 31- April 7


Enjoy the Warm Weather with Greenhorn Connect

The winter cold is finally gone and spring's here! Fortunately, Boston has 36 startup networking events and office hours to give you an excuse to leave your house this week. 

Greenhorn Weekly Countdown March 24 - 31


Love What You Do with Greenhorn Connect

Working with startups is like no other job in the world. Fortunately, Boston has 36 startup networking events and office hours to help you appreciate and connect with the Boston tech community!.

Greenhorn Weekly Countdown March 17 - 24


Paint the Town Green with Greenhorn Connect

Celebrate St. Patty's Day into the week with great events to help your business grow. Fortunately, Boston has 39 startup networking events and office hours you can check out this week!

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