Tax Deadlines for Startups


Most entrepreneurs who form an LLC or incorporate a business are not aware of their tax and government filing requirements.  Entrepreneurs often think there are no filing requirements because they are in the startup phase and there is very little or no financial activity.  Unfortunately, this often costs the startup thousands of dollars in penalties and can really mess up a future angel financing or venture capital financing.

Joe Faris: VC Term Sheet Lingo

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To help those legalese challenged, we took the 10 most common terms found in a typical Venture Capital (VC) term sheet and tried to explain them very simply.  Many of these terms can take on many different meanings, though, so we tried to use the most typical definitions.

Joe Faris: How to Negotiate your Equity Compensation in VC-Backed Startups

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In our work at venture-backed startups, we are amazed at how hard new employees will negotiate pay, benefits, workspace, duties, titles, etc. and just totally accept their equity compensation.
So, we have prepared six questions that will make you look really smart and help you understand your equity compensation. It may also make you a lot richer when your Company is acquired.
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