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*BetterLabs incubation model is aimed at helping (mostly non-technical) founders to turn their product ideas to reality by building the minimum viable product and helping iterate it to find the product/market fit that scales. "Incubation" for us is nothing about space & facilities and everything about building the actual product, brainstorming possible implementations, iterating via UI mockups, refining the MVP and focusing on getting user feedback to find the version of the product that "works". We help founders to get their products rolling in the fastest and most cost effective model (versus trying to raise seed financing and hiring early team members before even finding the MVP that works) that helps to building confidence in the product before a full company is formed around it. 

* Getting started with BetterLabs incubation model is straightforward. Get in touch with us about your product idea by filling out the Getting Started form here. We discuss your product and our process with you over phone calls, GoToMeeting sessions and in-person meetings to determine if there is a good fit. Once there is a good fit for both, we get started with a model that is largely customized to specific product / founder / etc. requirements. 

* Email us at founder [at] betterlabs [dot] net for any questions.