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The Boston Student Entrepreneurship Funnel


There are a lot of students interested in working in entrepreneurship, but most don’t realize it’s possible. It’s been dramatized in many young people’s minds convincing them that working in a young company right out of school is out of the question without experience.

The Boston Startup Bucket List: 10 Things you have to do as an Entrepreneur

1. Hear Bill Warner’s "Startup from the Heart"- Bill Warner, affectionately known by some as ‘The Godfather of Boston Startups’ gives an amazing talk about how you should build a business with true intentions that everyone should hear.

Boston University School of Management Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurial Leadership Program

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Boston University School of Management Executive Leadership Center 595 Commonwealth Avenue - 4th Floor Boston, MA
An intensive & specialized graduate program designed for motivated entrepreneurs. World-renowned business school faculty & industry experts will help you develop an investment-grade plan.
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Dale Stephens: The Skills of a Successful Entrepreneur

What skills are requisite for success as an entrepreneur?

Motivation? Passion? Drive? Confidence? Read on to find out the skills a successful entrepreneur needs to have!

Book Review: Getting to Plan B

Have an idea for a startup? Good. Are you ready to accept that it's wrong? What do you do when your initial idea fails? How can you turn a failed first attempt into a successful business? These question and more are answered in Getting to Plan B by John Mullins and Randy Komisar

Whether your startup is one year or one day old, this book will help you better evaluate your idea and determine your business model that will build a sustainable business. If you're a student of Lean Startups, this fits perfectly with the customer development methodology.  

There are quite a few great concepts that Randy and John cover in Getting to Plan B, but I'd like to highlight a few that stood out to me:

Knowing The Questions You Will Need To Answer When Speaking To An Investor

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the question that you’re going to be asked on your interview, test, or even by your girlfriend? Well I cant help you there, but here is a list of different categories and questions that you should be able to answer when asking for money.

Greenhorn TV Episode 50: Nov. 14th – Nov. 20th

Welcome to another week of November! Thanksgiving is coming up, but we're not taking a break yet!  Our  calendar is filled with over 50 different Boston startup entrepreneur networking events and office hours this week. Check out the show and notes below to find out all about them and all the other great happenings in the community this week. And don't forget to check out the Greenhorn Connect Job Board to see which startups are searching for talent!


Validation Versus Procrastination

So you think you have an idea worth pursuing? Well do you REALLY have the resources, know-how, and the adequate homework completed in order to justify pursuing it? Or will you find out 6 months, 1 year down the road that you should have done more homework?

Here is a five-step approach to help you figure out the potential before you are too far into your venture.

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Big Ideas blog is devoted to exploring developments in trends of interest to founders and entrepreneurs.
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