Meet Patricia Gomez: Director of Events and Business Development

patricia gomez

We're sad to see Will Cox leave our team as he's about to travel Europe for the next several months. But we're glad to announce our newest edition: Patricia Gomez. She's a newcomer to the Boston tech world which she's been excited about ever since she arrived from Spain. Her goal is to eventually found her own company in Europe and believes Greenhorn Connect is a stepping stone to reach that goal. You can learn more about her here:

Introduce yourself...where are you from and what have you worked with recently?
My name is Patricia Gomez and I am from Spain. I moved to Boston more than a year ago to study my Master´s degree in International Business. My previous working experience was with startups in the Biotech industry, as a marketing, sales and business development associate. Marketing and organization of events are two of my biggest passions and this is one of the reasons why I am with Greenhorn connect now!

How did you find out about the startup ecosystem in Boston?
Since the first moment I moved to Boston, I was always involved with the entrepreneurial community. I found out about this amazing ecosystem through an event at MassChallenge. Since that first event, I became very involved with them and volunteer on several occasions. In addition to this, I started going to many events where the majority of the attendees where entrepreneurs themselves, and their passion and energy is what kept me motivated to continue going to more and more events around the Boston area.

What has your startup experience been like thus far in life?
So far it has been an amazing journey! I got to know startups participating at MC in 2011, and its great to see how much they have grown just a year later. An example of this, was at the startup where I did my summer internship, Bioarray Therapeutics. My role was in marketing and sales and that was one of most enriching experiences in my life. Being able to be 100% involved in the company and its growth gave me a deep understanding of how businesses work and how great ideas can always be successful with hard work and persistence.

Why are you interested in joining a startup after college as opposed to a more established company?
For three main reasons: First,I like the fact that I can make a bigger impact in the company and see the results of it. I love challenges and being part of a startup is a challenge because of the uncertainty and its very fast paced environment, so it keeps you very entertained and busy most of the time! Secondly, I love the passion of the people! I like to see how many great ideas become successful businesses and more importantly, how the majority of them make a meaningful impact on other people´s lives. And the third reason is because there are never two of the same days working in a startup and it helps me to get more exposure to all the different areas of the business. It’s also a very fun environment to be part of!

What do you hope to accomplish in your role with Greenhorn Connect?
One of the things I have always love to do is to organize events so I am expecting to gain more experience doing that and use all my potential to help Greenhorn grow. I am also expecting to meet very smart and interesting people and be able to extend my network, but above all, I am expecting to make Greenhorn Connect grow to a level that everyone in Boston and hopefully in the East Coast will be aware of!

How can people get in touch with you?’
I love connecting and meeting new people! The best ways to reach me are:
twitter: @patribertomeu