Meet Patricia Gomez: Director of Events and Business Development

patricia gomez

We're sad to see Will Cox leave our team as he's about to travel Europe for the next several months. But we're glad to announce our newest edition: Patricia Gomez. She's a newcomer to the Boston tech world which she's been excited about ever since she arrived from Spain. Her goal is to eventually found her own company in Europe and believes Greenhorn Connect is a stepping stone to reach that goal. You can learn more about her here:

The Idea is Nothing Compared to the Team – Part II

Last time, I talked about aspects of a good team: 1) shared values 2) understands the customer pain 3) each member embraces their role. So why does the idea pale in comparison to the importance of a good team?

Kevin Vogelsang: The Idea is Nothing Compared to The Team - Part I

I’ve met a lot of people who want to do a startup.  They say they’re just waiting for the right idea.  This is an understandable perspective, but it’s wrong.  

Although you need to keep an eye out for opportunities, I’ve got enough experience now and have been immersed in the entrepreneurial community long enough to know better: the idea is nothing compared to the team, and the “idea” is embodied by the team.

Greenhorn Guide for Finding a Co-Founder

 Got a great startup idea, but lack the team to execute?  Having trouble finding that infamous co-founder? You're not alone. Many people struggle with this, which is why we've gotten insight from all kinds of entrepreneurs in the Boston scene to help share their insights on how to find that perfect co-founder:


Netflix's Corporate Culture Presentation

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Guide to Netflix's very successful and innovative corporate culture.
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