Want a strong company culture? Take out the trash.



Culture is a common buzz word among new and established organizations. It’s increasingly important in a startup to motivate employees to work the extra hours without the added benefits. It’s also the factor many companies rely on to attract and retain strong talent. But strangely enough some of the most successful companies don’t even consider culture, but rather stumble into it.

Book Review: How We Decide


Ever wish you could climb in the brain of your customer to really understand what they're thinking? Want to know how to get the most out of your employees? Is there a secret underlying process that make use all alike in how we think?  While How We Decide is not a magic solution to all of those questions, it does provide fantastic and fascinating insight into all of them.  I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to better understand the underlying thought processes that make up the complex human mind. Read on to find a few of the key things I discovered in reading this book. 


How do you define corporate culture at a startup?

Yesterday, I was sitting in the oneforty conference room talking about the company's culture.  As I spoke with Laura about what the current team thought was the culture, it got me thinking about what startup culture really is.  With more questions than answers and a few personal theories about the whole thing, I thought I would bring it to you, the Greenhorn reader, to see what your thoughts are. Read on.


So I'd love for you to weigh in on what you think are some of the answers to these questions...

Marc Gedansky: The Missing Piece in the New Entrepreneur Model in Massachusetts: Corporate America

In all the discussions about changing the culture in Massachusetts to better promote a healthy entrepreneur ecosystem, a major player has been consistently ignored: Large Corporations.  The role of these organizations on local economies is obvious, and yet when considering how to help startups, they're often forgotten.

Cities and Ambition

General Information
Paul Graham
Every city has a different personality. Understand your city or a city your considering moving to.

Who Should you Hire at a Startup?

General Information
Mark Suster
Only Hire A+ People Who Punch Above Their Weight Class

Stop Yelling At Your Employees--It's Making Them Stupid

General Information
Nick Saint
Yelling at your employees is dumb and makes them less productive. Don't believe me? This article shows you the evidence.

Netflix's Corporate Culture Presentation

General Information
Guide to Netflix's very successful and innovative corporate culture.

Jules Pieri, Daily Grommet

General Information
Jules Pieri, CEO, Daily Grommet
Musings on design, social media, cultural anthropology, start-ups by the CEO of Daily Grommet, one of the few consumer facing startups in the Boston area.
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